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Schatzie’s German Deli
German Deli With A Taste of Europe

Schatzie's German Deli


Traditional and authentic deli goods, especially meats, are some of the hardest specialty foods to find in any store or even online. Supermarkets and grocery store delis often don’t carry those products whatsoever and when they do, the foods are Americanized reproductions of the authentic deli products. At Schatzie’s German Deli, we strive to provide you with the experience and the products of an authentic German store and deli right here in Hagerstown.


One of the most important elements of a German delicatessen is the sausages and sausage products they sell, and we are proud to carry a wide variety of sausages at Schatzie’s German Deli. Our wursts are second to none when it comes to taste and authenticity. We also carry a variety of other sausages like gelbwurst, salami, traditional bologna, and the increasingly hard to find blood sausage.

We are proud to say that we sell true and authentic black forest ham, as well as other German preparations of pork. We are also proud to carry German preparations of veal, which is incredibly tender and adds luxury to any meal. Furthermore, Schatzie’s German Deli carries a wide variety of canned herring fillets, which are a delicious and filling German snack.

At Schatzie’s German Deli, we know how difficult it can be to find an authentic preparation of the meat dishes you love and want to share with others, so we strive to find real German meats to offer our customers. Whether you are looking for pate, blood sausages, or any other hard-to-find German meat, visit us to finally get that delicious treasure you’ve been hunting.

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