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Schatzie’s German Deli
German Deli With A Taste of Europe

Imported German Foods

With the proliferation of the mega mart and supersized grocery stores, it has become harder and harder to find specialty food items. Despite their huge sizes, these markets rarely carry imported products or any niche foods. Those stores are concerned with serving the largest volume of customers, sacrificing quality for quantity. Schatzie’s German Deli is a market that focuses on bringing authentic and delicious German food to Hagerstown, MD.

We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy any need for German food you might have. From Kinder chocolates to German seed bread, or even authentic German Bratwursts, Schatzie’s German Deli is passionate about providing fresh and directly imported German foods. Our motto is a four part affirmation: Believe it. Speak it. Receive it. Enjoy it. Shop with us today and taste what Germany has to offer!


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